SELF Student
Revere Middle School
SELF: Ladies & Leaders of the Future Program

If I had to describe SELF in one word, it would be Empowering. SELF is such an inspiring program. The things Mrs. Stacey and Mr. Bo Porter do for us kids such as: the After-school programs, the morning devotionals, the conferences, the breakfast meetings, the shopping sprees, and so much more, are just absolutely amazing. Things like the morning devotional, really help in finding myself. Every time I get to go to an event of theirs, I get so excited. SELF is definitely a program I want to still be associated with even when I do move on to high school. mrs. Stacy and Mr. Bo are inspiration, risk-takers, godly, caring, and amazing people just to say the least. So if I had to use one word to describe SELF, it will definitely be Empowering.
C. Stokes, SELF Participant

SELF Teacher
Key Middle School
SELF: Essay Contest-Afterschool Program

Thank you for introducing the Bo and Stacey Porter Essay Contest to our seventh graders at Key Middle School. The contest, as well as the prompts, have allowed our students to compete and most of all, think. Our students struggle with critical thinking, but the prompts present thought provoking topics. Responding to the contest prompts helped prepare our students for the STAAR Writing test.
C. Osho, 7th Grade English Teacher

SELF Principal
Meyerland Performing & Visual Arts Middle School
SELF: Boys to Men & Ladies & Leaders of the Future Program

The SELF program has been invaluable in promoting the type of discipline and work ethic that is needed to pursue and chase a dream down. Even more powerful have been the life lessons shared and discussed with our young men and young ladies who participated in the Boys to Men and the Ladies and Leaders of the Future programs. Our scholars are led through reflective discussions and exercises that help them to develop a strong and moreal foundation upon which they can stand tall and strong while learning what it means to become a productive memer of our community. By extension, this also means that as they find success in their endeavors, they also learn how important it is to reach back into our communities and lend a hand to those that are in need of positive role models and mentors. This is the legacy that the Stacey & Bo Porter SELF Foundation are creating and growing and one that Meyerland Perfoming & visual Arts Middle School are pround to be a part of.
A. Sarabia, Principal