There are very few people who I look up to more than Bo Porter. I was fortunate enough to have Bo as my select team Baseball coach for 2 years in high school as part of the Texas Hawkeyes program. He was a seriously tough coach, but also very supportive and encouraging. He helped me become a better baseball player through many practices and classroom sessions. I learned more from him in baseball than I did from all of my previous coaches combined. He’s just that smart when it comes to how the game of Baseball is supposed to be played. More importantly, Bo helped reinforce what we needed to learn in order to become men. When bad things happen in life and I need motivation, I think about Bo’s story, his focus and various quotes he would use to support his message. We used to always say the day would come as for Bo becoming the manager of a major league team, “it’s just a matter of time”, so I can’t say I’m surprised. It was just a matter of time. Bo is a symbol to anyone that needs hope. He went through struggle, persisted and came out on top in a big way. If you get the chance to be a part of the Bo Porter SELF Foundation, he is a great role model with solid values and I highly suggest that you get involved.

Ben Weissenstein
Texas Hawkeyes Player 2006-2008, Entrepreneur

Bo Porter is one of the most driven and successful individuals I have ever come across. His whole persona and attitude on life demands excellence and settles for nothing less. Bo was able to share his passion for the game of baseball and act as the catalyst in the development of myself and many of my teammates.
Bo not only developed an outstanding select baseball program, but a program to acquire skills necessary in succeeding in many aspects of life. There aren’t many baseball programs which incorporate several nights of classroom sessions to go over fundamentals, but Bo went above and beyond to aid in our development. Bo was able to break the game down to a science and transfer his knowledge through positive coaching and repetition. One quote Bo used frequently that remains with me today is that “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.” I have adopted this theory and applied it to everything in which I desire to be successful at. Bo taught us the meaning of working as a team, the ability to handle failure, and how to compete. Though many lessons learned seem invaluable, the one that I’ve really grown from was learning how to manage my time efficiently. The Hawkeyes program held several practices/conditionings each week and we were all expected to excel not only on the baseball field but also in the classroom. Bo programmed us to organize our time and even gave homework assignments to evaluate time management so that we could be better prepared for becoming a collegiate athlete and starting a career. I would recommend Bo Porter and any affiliation to any up and coming athlete or anyone who is wishing to better themselves and reach their full potential.

Josh Stewart
Texas Hawkeyes, 2005-2009

Good morning, Bo! Just wanted to give you an update on Jacob. He is graduating this May with a Masters in Accounting and already has a job lined up with an accounting firm in Little Rock. Thank you so much for all you did for him, and all you continue to do for other young men.

Paula Perschke